June 2012

Top ecommerce platforms

Top ecommerce platforms. Electronic commerce or e-commerce literally means the selling or buying of goods and services over electronic systems such as, internet, etc. Ecommerce is considered as the sale aspect of e-business. It provides various services such as: 1. Enterprise content management. 2. Group buying. 3. Instant messaging and online assistances. 4. Fast payment systems. 5. Online shopping. 6. Online banking. 7. Online office suites. 8. Shopping cart software. 9. Teleconferencing. 10. Electronic tickets. 11. E-mail marketing. 12. A efficient sale enhancing technique. Do you want to enhance your small business? If yes, then an ecommerce sites is the …

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Outsourcing has become one of the most effectual ways of doing business nowadays in most of the industrially advanced ventures. Web development outsourcing refers to a number of actions which include the development of a single simple page of static, normal text to highly advanced web interrelated internet applications, social networking services and e-commerce applications. It also comprises corporate websites, CMS and other related web-supported applications. Many companies have now resulted to web development outsourcing not just in the IT sector but also those engaged in medical and pharmaceutical ventures, banks, aircraft industry and many more. Outsourcing requires a good …

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Custom web design and theme based design

Professional and custom theme based web design at affordable rates starting at $250. Everyone loves a sale and the notion that web design and development can’t be the same is false. Is it true that some cheap web design looks cheap, the answer is yes!  But the question you have to ask yourself is have you asked the developer and designer the right questions? Have you prepared yourself sufficiently with what might be needed for your specific web project? All too often, from experience, some clients have not done the necessary preliminary planning for their web projects. Knowing your limitations …

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