February 2013

Home Page Design Mistakes

Common mistakes when designing your home page: 1. Having too much information on the home page is detrimental and not enough links.  Avoid having too much detailed information on the home page such as company descriptions, detailed news reports, and by all means avoid having too many images on the home page (this contributes to slow page load times).  Most people are on your site for a reason. They are looking for that specific information that brought them to your site in the first place so providing specific links or call to action gets them going right away. 2. Limit …

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How to setup an ecommerce website

If you are trying to make it big in the e-commerce industry, it is important that you have a website set up for your business, big or small, which serves as a portal for the customers to access the various products you provide, promoting growth and making the scope of your business widespread. Here are a few simple steps which will help you set up an e-commerce site. Setting up a website: Most of the new start-up businesses consists of few employees and with only a few products in mind. If you have someone from your small start-up business such …

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Outsourcing Web Design

Outsourcing is a proven, tried and tested process through which you can use to reduce cost, increase capacity and maintain quality of any product or service. Broadband Internet has connected everyone and it is no longer a matter of whether your workers are in an office or miles away. In a time when most businesses and people are looking to have online presence,the need to have a website has increased. Outsourcing web design has a number of benefits which include lower production costs, the ability to increase your capacity over a short period of time and you are able to …

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