May 2013

Data Merchants Targeted By Criminals

If you are an online merchant then you know by now there are numerous security threats and data breaches that one must be worried about in order to be sure you are in compliance. According to Verizon Enterprise Solutions, 24% of the over 600 breaches – these include malicious software and malware, hacking, and unauthorized access using user name and password – affected retail merchants and restaurants. Financial organizations were the most targeted overall due to a large usage of ATMs. If you use your ATM, be very careful where and how you use it. Criminals typically use software installed …

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SEO Trends 2013

The World Wide Web has just turned 20 yet within that short time span it has gone on to become our most important source of information. Search engine Optimization ensures that our webpages get more traffic albeit unlike the WWW; SEO is very dynamic and bound to change periodically. Within each month Google updates its search algorithms at least more than 10 times to accommodate new approaches to SEO. Very often these changes have very trivial and barely noticeable effects on page rankings on webpages. Nowadays the ‘traditional’ SEO is dying off as search engines algorithms become more sophisticated.The SEO …

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