August 2013

Google says no to press release for link building

Link Building: It is official and Google has come out against using press releases as a form of obtaining back links. Once again, natural link building strategies must be adhered to. If you are going to use press releases as part of your link building strategy, then you must pay attention to the below two points. 1. Refrain from placing anchor text links in your press release and use your company name or website name. 2. The same goes for article promotions. Google is also watching for this.

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Web Design Planning Tools

Web Design Planning Tools Web design planning tools or the lack of any tools is one frustrating thing most designers and developers come across when a client comes to them with no plans in place. All the client may say is “I need a website for this and that”. Such clients are very difficult to work with when they don’t know what they want. Having a design plan or even a requirement of what you want is crucial in order for the developer to quote accordingly. The links below will guide you in your next website design planning phase. Please …

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Google Panda and Penguin Safe Link Building Tips

Safe Link Building Tips: Safe link building tips require a few rules to follow when creating and publishing content In order to be the top ranked among Google search results. To do this, you must follow the latest Google Panda and Penguin search algorithm. Avoid Googles violation of terms and conditions: Violation of Google must be avoided by all cost taking care to not place links to your own advertisements and promotional content. You must have organic and natural content. Avoid word stuffing: Avoid word stuffing when SEO rich content is required. Just maintain an average keyword density of 1.5 …

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