7 Productive SEO Tools

7 Productive SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is a time consuming process. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the work desk of an SEO company’s web design needs to be painfully mundane or slow. There are several SEO tools at the disposal of a marketer that can ease the most tedious task. Most of these tools are further available for free and for the paid ones, the results are worth the price. Here are 7 SEO tools for web design that every content marketer needs to have:

1. Google Page Speed Insights

Slow loading pages are not just hated by end users but completely avoided. In the current marketplace, websites cannot afford to take time to load and test the patience of the audience. Page speeds are thus a necessary element for the success of the website and a lot of it is defined by the type of content it integrates. Google Page Speed Insights tests and gives feedback about the loading time of your business URL, both for the desktop and mobile platform. Further, the tool will also help a marketer identify opportunities for improvement.      

2. Moz Local Listing Score

No business is untouched by the information revolution. Even the footfall to the local coffee shop is guided/affected by its quality of web presence. Moz Local Listing crunches data from a minimum of 15 different sources including Facebook, Google and Foursquare to rank ‘brick and mortar’ businesses. If you don’t find your business listed or if it’s listed very low, Moz offers several useful fixes to improve your listing score.

3. Keywordtool.io

This is a highly helpful tool for SEO marketers.   Any keyword put into the action bar will create more than 700 related keywords that your marketing strategy should be targeting. This specifically includes all the relevant long tailed keywords, organized alphabetically that should be put into the Adwords process.

4. Google Analytics

Google is the most popular search engine and no wonder we have another relevant SEO tool under the brand name. Google Analytics is a tool used in web design by almost every search engine optimization marketer globally to gain complete search insight into web stats and results. Analytics will also help find the keywords that bring in huge traffic to a related business.

5. Google / Bing Webmaster Tool

The Webmaster tool offered by both Google and Bing search engines provides constant analysis of your website, Error reports and related performance alerts. In simple terms this tool speaks of how the top search engines rank your website design.

6. Open Site Explorer

Available in both free and paid version, the Open Site Explorer allows webmasters/website owners to have a quick link analysis. This includes identifying the most impactful link sources and the most linked pages. Consequently, you have the feedback about what engages your audience more.

7. Google Keyword Planner

Considering the relevance of a specific set of keywords as part of your web design. The Google Keyword Planner tool will provide information about the monthly search volume, Competing keywords, and suggestions that might extend the lead possibilities of each keyword that you are interested in exploring.

Do write in and let us know which are your favorite SEO tools.