Best CMS For Small Business

Best CMS For Small Business

Best CMS For Small Business

Currently, there are tons of high-quality CMS out there. Regardless of the type of website, it is necessary to choose the best CMS for small business. It is hard for a designer to spend time learning a bunch of different CMS; they can only read about one or two. So, it is important to have a CMS that is both easy-to-manage and powerful. From a business stand point, you will have to consider the easy of using any CMS and what content you would want to specifically manage.  Here is a list of the 10 best CMS for small business.

1. WordPress

There is doubt whether WordPress should be considered as a CMS as it was originally designed for blogging purpose. However, with thousands of great free and paid themes, widgets and plugins WordPress has extended its functionality and can now be considered as one of the best CMS. Its main strength is a lot of available tutorials, and user friendly dashboard to manage the content.  Businesses should take note that although this system is robust, there is a learning curve as with most content management platforms.

2. Joomla

Joomla is a CMS that is frequently used by big Companies such as MTV, and Harvard University to maintain their websites. Joomla is ideal for backend networks. In addition to normal websites, this CMS has everything from inventory control systems to complex business directories, and reservation systems.

3. Drupal

Like Joomal, Drupal is also used by many big Companies. It has tons of features for building internal as well as external websites, and also has lots of tools to organize the content easily.

4. ExpressionEngine

It is an interesting combination of commercial and open source software. Unlike other CMS, it does not have many add-ons or plugins. However, the 22 add-ons and a little over 100 official plugins  make this a viable and solid platform since these are the most likely plugins to be used.

5. TextPattern

It is a little bit overlooked as a CMS. However, it is highly flexible, easy to use and easy to customize by the designers and developers.

6. Contao

It has Ajax incorporated into the user interface. The main features include advanced editing for content and editing multiple records at once or coming back to the previous version of the content.

7. SilverStripe

SilverStripe is an open source CMS ideal for the designers and developers who are comfortable with coding. There are lots of modules for blogs, forms or forums.

8. Umbraco

Umbraco offers designers total control over the design and focuses on web standards. It is a complete open template system. A number of quality sites like Heinz and ABBA are designed using Umbraco.

9. Concrete5

It is not only a great CMS but can also be used for developing web apps. Designing sites using this CMS is quite easy and can be done at different levels.

10. CushyCMS

It is the only hosted CMS in this list. There is a limited-feature free version of it out there, whose facilities include an unlimited number of sites, pages, and editors; however, it doesn’t allow you to use your own logo or your own domain name for the admin panel. It also does not let you modify the admin experience. However, the paid version has many more features including branding support; which is absent in the free version and costs $28/month.

This is only a limited list and we encourage you to send us others and we would be glad to review them and add them to this list.


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  2. stumorris

    What about ModX?
    And if you’re talking really small then something like wolfcms or perhaps flat file database less like pico.

    1. naijarus

      Thanks for the additional CMS Platform. Typo3 is also a great CMS but it is marketed more towards Enterprise

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  4. naijarus

    Thanks for your input. While selecting the right content management system for your site might seem overwhelming, this should serve as a starting point.

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