Does Your Website Need to be Redesigned?

Does Your Website Need to be Redesigned?

Does your website need to be redesigned?  Although the thought of investing a lot of money into a website design or redesign project may make some business owners wary, redesigning your website can be one of the best investments a business owner can make. For most businesses, a company website represents one of the most important marketing tools available.

The first impression you give to potential customers makes a huge difference in the conversion of sales. Your website design will be the foundation for many assumptions visitors will make regarding your business as a whole. An unappealing and outdated design can potentially cost you thousands in lost sales.  Are are some things to consider when tackling to the question, “does your website need to be redesigned”?

Mobile Web Design

Pew Research found that, as of January 2014, 63 percent of adult smart phone owners use the internet on their phones, and over 30 percent of those adults use their cell phones to go online more than any other device. These numbers are expected to continue to grow over the next few years and, now that most consumers own smartphones, the use of a mobile web design is more important than ever.

When potential customers have trouble viewing your company website from their mobile devices, you are losing sales opportunities. On the other hand, if you implement sound design and SEO strategy using a professional designer, you can leave a powerful first impression with the end result amounting to a responsive, and mobile friendly web design.

The Rebranding Process

Any business that has recently started a rebranding process should consider a website redesign as an important step on the list. Great rebranding strategies involve much more than just logo and color changes, and it can be easy to forget important parts like your website design. In order to give your company a truly new look, you need a website redesign complete with new content.

Capitalizing on Social Media

In today’s socially-driven marketplace, the time for adding social media features to your site has already come and gone. Any website without these elements is a step behind the competition. While simply adding a few links to your company’s social network pages is a good idea, fully integrating social sharing applications into your website creates the best results by allowing users to pin, tweet and share your content seamlessly. Your SEO services partner can work with your web designer to make all of your social media integration and other SEO practices work well during your redesign project.

Functional Design

Although the addition of blogs, forums, e-commerce platforms and other web features can improve your online presence, they will often feel “tacked-on” and may not flow well with your original web design. A website redesign is the best way to ensure a consistent and professional image for your potential customers. Otherwise, your prospects could make assumptions about the professionalism of your company as a whole. These assumptions can greatly affect their decision to buy from you or from your competition.

If you think a website redesign is the best way to go in your situation, start by doing some research on your own. Get some design and SEO pricing to get a true idea of the cost of your project, and talk with several different firms before choosing the right one for your business.